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Q: How do we sign up?
Rosters are formed throughout the year by the coaches who give their time and commitment. Please contact the coach through the e-mail box provided by LYF on our contacts page, and reserve a spot. LYF does not give out phone numbers. If a player is familiar with a team or a coach, feel free to make contact as soon as you have an opportunity. If you are a returning player, please let your coach know what your intentions are for the current Football Season. Players who wish to play and do not have a team as of July 28, will be assigned a team during team sign ups. This will be based on number of players per team. LYF has initial roster limits in 2nd through 6th grade and will fill these before any expansion of rosters occur.

All 7th graders will play for the Jr. High that they attend. LYF forms and operates the 7th grade program. Schools are not responsible for 7th grade football, though most teams will practice at their school location.

Q: What is the fee?
LYF is unique regarding fees. We have an established fundraising program that provides the player an opportunity to play for no out of pocket money at all.

LYF will check fundraising cards out to a player who is officially signed up and the player in turn is responsible to pay their fee of $200 dollars at time of equipment check out. All players are responsible for fee payment prior to receiving equipment. Our fundraising card is a high quality discount card made possible by local merchants.

Q: Where are the games played?
Games are played on Sundays at YSC. Some games may played at other venues to meet scheduling commitments. Youth Sports Complex (Formerly YSI) 4911 W. 27th St., Lawrence, KS 66046

**We will have contact information for coaches at all levels as they are determined. If you do not see a team or a name, please contact another coach in that division or contact LYF for information regarding coaches and teams. We will be adding information all Summer.


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